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Global Classrooms

We partner with teachers and e-join their classes to enrich the student experience whether it's ESL, French, Arabic, or inter-cultural learning.

During this period, students can practice language skills or satisfy their curiosity about Moroccan culture, Islam, politics under monarchies, Amazigh culinary art, or Islamic Architecture.

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Michael, Middle School teacher 

Most of my students had never heard about the country of Morocco, much less the traditions, values and cultures that Morocco encompasses. Our cultural interview with Cultural Caravan broadened my students’ worldview and planted seeds that will transform them into our future global citizens. We are thankful for the experience.

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Mary, ESL Teacher Assistant

CC delivered an interactive virtual cultural experience for my ELD students focused on Ramadan, and it was absolutely fantastic! The students loved learning about the traditions of Ramadan and the history and culture of Morocco from Chaima and her team. I let Chaima know my goals for their vocabulary development, and she created a fully customized experience to meet their needs. It expanded their worldview and was a fun, special, and engaging experience for them, at a time when they really needed it. I cannot say enough good things about working with Chaima and would highly recommend Cultural Caravans to design your next virtual or in-person educational travel program. 

Online Language Classes

We offer both Darija (Spoken Arabic of Morocco) and Standard Arabic classes. Join one of our groups recurring every seven weeks or take a 1o1 class that suits your personal schedule.

  • Group classes: 295$/Level (21 hours)

  • Private classes: 20$/ hours

Get in touch for more information of fill out the form below

Online Arabic class over Zoom
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