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Chaima established Cultural Caravans after many years of managing educational travel programs in Morocco for a well known student travel organization.

A local of Marrakech, Chaima has a degree in finance and fluently speaks four languages. She is an exceptional ambassador for her country with a wealth of local knowledge that makes Cultural Caravans programs exceptional.

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Program Manager

Sarra Elaabidi was born and raised in Marrakech, Morocco. After  graduating from high school, she moved to the United States for college.  She studied Business Administration and Integrative Nutrition.

After moving back to Morocco, Sarra has been a great asset to our team as she expanded our network and partnership throughout the country.  She likes engaging with local communities and changing the lives of  youth across the globe, and demonstrates responsible leadership.



Office Manager & Program Leader

Amal was born in Marrakech and has a BA in business management. She keeps our programs well organized as well as our offices. Amal has extensive experience in hospitality and hotel management and she helps us develop our vendor vetting processes and our accommodation collaborations with new partners. When Amal isn’t overseeing our programs, she travels around to help Cultural Caravans find new community service partners around Morocco.



Language Immersion Program Manager

Sara Mouhyeddine was born and raised in Marrakech, Morocco where she got her  MA in Translation Studies at the Cadi Ayyad university. Sara is a teacher of both Arabic and English but also a performing artist of Moroccan folk tales in English for international audiences. Sara loves her culture and is very passionate when she shows it off to our students.

Sara is behind the success of our program and experiential language learning.

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Senior Program Leader

Khadija is PhD holder in Applied Mathematics from Cadi Ayyad  University in Morocco. Khadija has been leading Rustic Pathways’  programs since 2012. She has a great passion for education, and wants  to positively impact future generations in many ways, and Cultural Caravans is lucky to have her as part of its team, and benefits  from her local expertise and knowledge about Moroccan culture. Khadija is known for her amazing positive energy, and her easy-going  personality. Students and the other program leaders always have a great  connection with her.




Justin's love of travel brought him to Morocco after serving years in the United States Peace Corps.  He is a big believer in the value of experiential education and cultural immersion.  He loves spending time in Morocco's communities and learning its history and culture from locals.  With a background in Creative Marketing and Photography he uses his camera to help tell and share the story of Morocco



Senior Program Leader

Samiae graduated from Ecole Marocaine des Sciences de l’Ingénieur in  Marrakech with a degree in engineering. She is from the beautiful red  city of Marrakesh. She speaks English, French, and Arabic, and she is a  Whiz of logistics and student safety.  Samiae is a very professional program leader, and she is exceptionally  good at logistics, student safety, and budgeting. She is truly a big asset for Cultural Caravans operations.



Senior Program Leader

Sharaf joined our team years ago as a college student with lots of passion for travel, culture, and history. Sharaf is trained as an IT engineer but makes a great educator for our travelers. Sharaf is known as very natural at facilities meaningful intercultural dialogues and discussions.

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